Restoring Ecosystem services in Mediterranean climates, Worldwide

How? Practices

Circle Squared Foundation is designed to “cause things to happen”. We’re well aware we can’t be “best” at everything. Leveraging our own strengths through other individuals and organizations, our role is defining programme initiatives and requirements from curated intelligence, then convening stakeholders and guiding them in the direction of resources. We create projects and alliances and support these by adding value to programmes with “eco” best practice perspectives.

  1. Curating
  2. Convening
  3. Creating
Truly effective solutions respond to the complexity of real-world systems. While there are brilliant minds working on many aspects of sustainability across the planet, too often they work in relative isolation. Obviously we need the broadest possible selection of tools and strategies to fit the complexity of our situations. We also need to treat them as interrelated. We research, organise and share the most relevant and global knowledge on specific topics pertinent to our mission and programmes.
We work better when we work together. Decisions and actions addressing the complexity of ecosystem and economic regeneration need perspectives and participation from all stakeholders and sectors. Optimising ecologic and economic performance by introducing and strengthening relationships, we facilitate authentic buy-in and drive accountability for commitment and innovation. This practice encourages participation from all levels, sectors, disciplines, generations, and geographies plus celebrates successes for appreciation and continuity.
New challenges require new ideas; so do persistent old problems we haven’t yet solved. By looking at our challenges with “fresh eyes”, engaging new thinkers, using design process and deep understanding of system dynamics, and cross-fertilizing amongst sectors and disciplines, we create integrated and effective strategies and tools for regeneration. We combine resources with opportunities in alliances and cooperatives for focused programme execution. We contribute our initiative, impetus and formation resources plus facilitation of funding.